Saturday, April 27, 2013


I have seen my food planning idol at Eat at Home blog follow up her food plan and how it worked with real life. I recently had a new follower, Nina Gray, whose blog Nothing I have just started to follow ask me if I would do a follow up to let her know how well I followed the plan. So that is what I am going to try to do now on Mondays. It will be my HOW MY MEAL PLAN WORKED WITH REAL LIFE post. Please follow to see how I do.

I didn't really do a special shopping trip for this past week so my meal plan needed to use up the things I had in the freezer and the pantry. On Sunday we DID have the biscuits and gravy. We got to spend a very restful Sunday afternoon taking naps and I sure wasn't in the mood to cook a big meal. The kids like it when granny fixes breakfast for supper.

On Monday we DID do the Crispy Taco Skillet. It was only a hamburger helper doctored up with chips, salsa and sour cream. Was heartily eaten by all. The kids especially liked it.

On Tuesday, I fixed Chicken and Dumplings. Now I did change up the recipe a bit because of things I did have and things I did not have. I put the chicken along with a can of cream of onion soup and a jar to turkey gravy into the crock pot before I went to bed on Monday night. I also cut up some celery and carrots into large chucks and added that on a low cook all night long. Let me tell you the smell of that cooking made sleeping difficult. Then I realized that I did not have any canned biscuits to use since we used them on Sunday night for the biscuits and gravy. So about 30 minutes before I served the chicken and dumplings, I put chicken broth on the stove and brought it to a boil and made dumplings from Bisquick mix and cooked them and then added to the chicken mixture in the crock pot. Oh my. Tasty! This dish was a hit with everyone. I promised my younger son who comes every week to visit that I would save him a dish and I tried, I really, really did.

On Wednesday's we take the kids to their youth activities at church. They always have a meal there. So Papa and I eat out. Well actually we order take-out and eat a home. This time we chose Long John Silvers. Fish for me and shrimp for Papa. Yum! (But a tad greasy).

Thursday the hospice nurse was here late. I forgot Darian's therapy appointment I didn't get the steak into the crock-pot this morning. So instead we had Saturday's dinner tonight. Sloppy Joe's. Everyone was happy!

Friday evening our son and grand daughter were here and we followed the meal plan. And if you have never tried a roast from Schwan's then you don't know what you are missing. The best roast beef ever. It was a bit pricey but when you consider there is no bone and NO fat it was worth every penny.

Saturday we skipped the meal plan all together and went out for 'greasy' hamburgers and curly fries with shakes. Yum Good! Sometimes you just have to eat this junk.

So there you go. That is how this week went. We did pretty good with following the plan. I haven't even started to compose this weeks plans. Off to start working on it. Tell you meal plan? And how did your week go?

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