Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure is..........

As you can see here, my guilty pleasure is that I am a reality TV show junkie.
Yep I have watched every episode of Survivor. And there have been years that I wonder why I continue.
I LOVE Big Brother. I HATE Big Brother.
Need I say more?
The Amazing Race, to me, is Amazing. I would love to try this out with my grand daughter.
The canceled reality TV shows, Rock of Love and Family Jewels were a hoot.
But I loved peeking into the shows about these aging rock stars.
So there you have it.
My guilty pleasures!

Now I can hardly wait to see what the others are fessing up to as to what their guilty pleasures are.


  1. If there were ever a reality show I wanted to be on, it would be The Amazing Race. I love the destinations. I will confess that I still watch the Real World's on MTV. I have watched them since I was in high school. I will go hide that back in my guilty pleasure closet now.

  2. I don't like television for the most part unless it's documentaries and such... and I loathe reality television! LOL

    HOWEVER, I have seen an episode of The Amazing Race and I totally could do that!!!!

    1. That is why I call it a 'guilty' pleasure!


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