Monday, March 18, 2013

It is the Mating Season

The turkeys are back!
We have a pretty good size flock of turkeys that feed around the ground of the bird feeders in our back yard. They have not been here as much since before Christmas.
I am not sure where they go in the winter, but I suspect that they are roosting in the old
apple orchard that is not far from our house.
But yesterday they were back.
And the toms are preening for the females as you can see by the puffing of the tail feathers.
We love the turkeys.


  1. Ack! I'm glad you like the turkeys. I guess I am a little jaded because the wild turkeys that are around my mom's house, are mean. I'm talking we have to run to our car if they are around because they will try to attack us. They probably aren't around come Thanksgiving time. lol

    1. Ours are pretty easily spooked. I have a grand daughter who likes to chase them. I keep thinking one day they will turn around and come after her. But so far they just run away.


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