Sunday, March 17, 2013

I became a blogger because...

Why I Blog

I started my blog on a whim back in October 2008.
Not much going on in my life back then. 
I was a wife, mother and grandma.
My sons were away from home.
I saw my grand kids often.
I worked full time at a retirement home and for the most part loved my job.
Things were pretty much okay.
I liked doing memes.
I shared quotes and books and other piddly little things that were going on in my life.
I didn't really have a plan for anything special with this blog.
And then in December  2009 my life changed forever.
And now this is a good place to keep track of what is going on in our lives.
A record of sorts.
A place to vent.
A place to whine.
A place to come and share with whomever wants to drop in and read about the life of a granny who is raising two grand kids and caring for a sick, dying husband.
I can laugh here.
I can cry here.
I can share.

And I have met some pretty amazing people who come to share my stories.
I have found my voice in blogging.
And I Love it!

If you want to join in this blogging challenge
then just go here


  1. Wow. This was a great post! I am in awe of grandparents who take care of their grandchildren. Thank you!

    1. Not the easiest job in the world. But it had to be done!

  2. Loved hearing about the evolution of your blog--and witnessing it as well, along the way :)

    1. You have been reading for a long time now!

  3. Thanx for popping by to visit my wee blog. I must say you have a gorgeous family and completely blessed to be a Granny. And Now I'm your newest follower.

    1. Welcome aboard Lass. I enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  4. That's awesome, I never thought to share the important stuff that I would need a record of, great idea! Thanks for the tip :)

    1. That is what my blog is all about. Keeping a record

  5. I feel the exact same's helped me find my voice! I'm so sorry that you're dealing with so much, and will be praying for your renewed strength through all of this. What a blessing you must be to your family!!

  6. And you have a great blog voice.

  7. I love your story. There is a reason for everything and it seems you found a good reason for your blog.. :)

  8. It's nice having an outlet, isn't it? And whether or not I'm "heard" I just feel better getting it out.

    What I love is that your grandbabies will have this piece of YOU forever... so even their kids who may not ever know you... will GET to know you... because you're so genuine! :)

    Very glad I found you! XOXO

    1. That is my plan April. I want to leave them something that they will remember about the years they were with me.


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