Friday, March 29, 2013

Hospice Journey/A Social Worker Visit

Today we were paid a visit by the Social Worker, Tish. She came for a brief visit just to meet us. Richard slept most of the time that she was here. She talked with Darian and Harley and asked them their feelings about Papa and did they have any concerns they wanted to ask her about. Any fears they wanted to share
I was surpsied to hear what it is they are thinking about. Darian is concerned that Papa might be uncomfortable and might be in pain. She talked with him about how we can recognize the signs of pain and what we will be able to do about that when the time comes. Harley stated that her concern is she won't be here to tell Papa good-bye. I am happy that the kids are talking about it.
After she left, Papa woke up and said he doesn't know how he feels about all of these people coming and going from our house. I guess he was listening!

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  1. Hospice is a journey I think no one wants to take. I love that they are skilled in compassion as well as nursing. I love, too, that they get people to open up and speak about what they're feeling so that it's not bottled up inside and that everyone can handle it together. God bless you Paula....

  2. I'm very glad that the social worker talked with the kids--so important!

    1. She was open with them and included them in the conversation. I was very happy about that. She also told them there is a camp they can attend for 3 days in the summer that is just for kids who have lost someome. That will be nice too

  3. We did took the hospice road once - for 3 months for my mother-in-law.

    Thinking back on it - I now realize that besides providing some very important and helpful services for the individual who is dying, the caregiver and the family (that alone is a HUGE piece), it was the first step for us in accepting that we couldn't change what was happening. It is medicine at it finest - helping you to die with grace and dignity instead of what normally happens - keeping you alive beyond all that is reasonable and human (which is what happened to my father-in-law - that was a nightmare!)


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