Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collecting dolls that are collecting dust that are collecting thoughts of WHY?

I am a doll collector.
Or I should say that I 'was' a doll collector.
I never really collected them for their value.
I collected the dolls that I loved.
The dolls that I wish I had when I was a child.
Dolls that make me happy.
Dolls that remind me of someone.
Dolls that are pretty.
Dolls that are ugly.
Cute dolls
White dolls
Black dolls.
Clown dolls.
But NOT Barbie dolls!
My dolls are not in cases. 
Nor are they in boxes. They just sit around all over my house.

Collecting dust!

And now I wonder what to do with them.
My granddaughters have expressed a bit of interest in certain dolls.
So they will each get one of their choosing.
I have tried to sell a few.
They aren't worth nearly as much as what I paid for them.

So here they sit.

Collecting dust.

I wonder what other people collect.
Let's get on over to Tiffany's to find out.


  1. Your description is a great line poem!

  2. Was very unintentional! But thanks!

  3. The doll collecting community is HUGE, if you visit Flickr you will find that many collectors enjoy dressing them up and posing them for photo shoots. It seems like a nice hobby and allows the dolls to be 'played' with a little instead of collecting dust :-)

    1. yeah I am just not so much into it anymore, I guess.

  4. I loved the way you made your post a poem. Very cool. I never liked dolls much--I was a terrible tomboy. I had stuffed animals, but never dolls.

    1. I had dolls.... but my mom sold every one of them at a garage sale. I'm glad I had boys so I didn't have to even feel guilt for not being able to pass one down to my daughter that I used to play with.

  5. My daughter has American Girl dolls that are out of the box and played with...on a regular basis. I also collect dust on all my collections too!! lol

    1. My granddaughters have American Girl dolls also

  6. I had a friend of mine whose mother would collect dolls. She would tell Lori, my friend, they were all goign to be hers someday but Lori was such a tomboy she had no desire to have dolls. I actually think it was her excuse or validation for continuing to purchase the dolls....

    and, like yours, they're all just dust magnets. LOL...and no one in the family wants them. Some are just downright creepy! Her mom wanted to sell them but when she realized the price she'd likely get for them (or NOT get for them) she couldn't bear to part with them... not because she wants them any longer (health issues and needs to become a minimalist due to the fact that she CANT dust) but no one else in the family wants them (at all) so they'll all just likely be donated when she passes. :(

    1. I think tht is probably what will happen to mine The kids will pick out one that will remind them of me (I hope) and the rest will probably be sold in a garage sale for a $1.00 apiece ! Shudder!


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