Sunday, March 31, 2013

April is almost here.....

It is hard to believe but almost time
To take on another challenge
To stir up my mind.
I like all this writing
It keeps me alive
I get to dwell on the memories
And not focus on life.
I will start tomorrow with the letter A
and keep on writing about places
we have been and people top whom we said 'hey'
So come back and read and try to believe
If I really went someplace that starts with a Z. 

(okay, okay so I am not a poet!)
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  1. I participated in the A to Z challenge for 2 years - but not this year. I was on an unofficial blog break. I must say it was quite an effort when I did it.

    1. It really wasn't that bad. I picked a topic and pre-wrote most of my posts


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