Monday, March 11, 2013

A Fun Time with Willow

Friday night I FINALLY got to take my grand daughter Willow out for a 
Granny and Me Date!
I have taken the older 4 and have promised and promised Willow that it would soon be her turn.
Friday night it finally was her turn.
I wasn't quite sure what we were going to do, but we would figure it out as we went.
The older kids all like to shop or go to the movie.
Not having any really good kid appropriate movies in town, we decided to go do some shopping.
First stop was at Kohl's. 
I found the cutest shirt for older sister, Piper, who just celebrated her 11th birthday.
But Willow didn't really find anything she wanted.
So we decided to go eat.
We went to Lone Star Steak House.
Willow loves steak.
But she has new braces and steak isn't yet on her list of foods she can eat.
She was okay with grandma ordering steak though.
We started with a huge appetizer of cheesy fries.
She ordered pizza and garlic mashed potatoes.
Don't you just love how kids put together things for their meal.
They aren't at all interested in balancing meat, veggies, etc.
Just what tastes good.
We had a good time eating and catching up.
She is so grown up for almost 9. The conversation was as good as the food.
After we stuffed ourselves we headed to the mall.
She decided that she would like to have a new Ipod Touch case.
First stop: Claire's.
Now what little girl doesn't like Claire's?
Willow loved it. But she didn't really find anything that she wanted to buy.
Except for an adorable little pouch that looks like a baby lamb.
She thought maybe she could put her Ipod in that.
And we snapped the cute picture up above. If you look close you can see
Granny in the reflection of her glasses. 
Now we browsed the Mall.
We found an Ipod cover at one of the little kiosk in the center.
Willow called it a 'shack'
How appropriate.
After buying her sister some black Nike socks (all the rage with the tween set) we ended our night out together. 
I sure hope she had as much fun as her granny had.
I love these Granny and Me dates.

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