Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Things You need to tell your Boy before his first date.

These are 10 Things you should tell your son before his first date:

(my comments will follow in parenthesis)

1.Clean your car. Inside and Out. No girl wants to go on a date with Slurpee cups and jock straps.

(and if you don't have your own car or can't yet drive; then clean mine!)

2. Walk to the front door and shake her parents hands. Look them in the eye and thank them for allowing their daughter to go out with you. Both before and after the date.
(This is just good manners. Don't you dare sit in the drive-way and blow the horn).

3. If she isn't KIND to you on the first date; she never will be.
 (so don't ask her for a second one and it will save you a lot of heartache)

4.No means NO. ALWAYS. If she says NO. Stop! IMMEDIATELY!
(and she should listen to you if you say NO)

5. A kiss is something you EARN. And, ask first! It is a nice touch.
(helps to brush your teeth and make sure your breath smells good too)

6. Find out what SHE likes and plan your date around it. A movie, sports, mini golf? What kind of food does she like? Is she an animal lover? Go to the Zoo. Get the picture?
(you are trying to impress her.....the first date isn't about you)

7.Hold the door open. ALL of them. At Home. In public. Especially the car door.
(just good manners. You should do this for your grandma too)

8.Have the girl home 5 minutes BEFORE her curfew. It means everything to her parents to know that you respect their rules.
(and get home on time, yourself. Saves yourself a lot of hassle from grandma)

9.A date is for the TWO of you. Not you, her, and four of your closet teammates.
(or her girlfriends......and don't share your date with your cell phone either. RUDE)

10.Take a shower and use deodorant. And by shower, I don't mean dousing yourself in cologne.
(and comb your hair)

I found this site that is called Ooph.com with lots of topics about teens and tweens and this came directly from that site. I wanted to copy it here for future references as we go through this dating thing AGAIN at our house.

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