Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunday Stealing

1. Have you anything to confess today?
     I always have things to confess. I confess that I am a bitch sometimes. And my thoughts are not pure. And I am not always happy. Anything else?

2.Have you ever broken a law? If so, what was it?
     In my city cohabitation is  against the law.  And I cohabitated (is that even a word?)
 for more than 17 years with my current husband. Only law that I can think of that I have broken.

3. Have you ever committed an act of betrayal against a friend or family member? explain?
     Hmmmmm....I am sure that I have, but I just cannot think of one right off the top of my head. And I don't know that I want to tell you about it anyways.

4. Has someone else done something that, to this day, makes you cringe when you think of them committing the act?
     Yep! And pisses me off too. Nuff said.

5.  Have you ever found yourself sexually aroused by someone that you absolutely should not have been?
      Yep! Nuff said. (man these questions are crazy)

6.  Have you ever cheated at school? How so?
       I don't think I ever cheated at school. And I haven't been to school in so many years that it is possible that my memory fails me. I am, after all, an old woman.

7.  What if you came across a backpack stuffed with one hundred thousand dollars. Would you keep it?
     Oh man, this question always give me pause. With my current financial situation, I would really, really want to keep it. But I don't think I could live with myself. And I sure wouldn't be teaching my grand kids the proper thing to do. So I would try to find the owner. And pray really hard that I never could :)

8.  What if you were the most powerful person in the world. How would you use that power?
   Wow! There are so many people that I want to get even with, that I can't even begin to think how I would go about doing it. But with all this power, I am sure than I could figure out something really good.

9. What if you found a magic lamp?
    You mean like the kind that I rubbed and a genie came out and granted me three wishes? Well, I would first wish that my oldest son would be cured of his addiction and woke up and realized exactly what he has done to his kids.  And my second wish would be for a nice long relaxing beach vacation that I could go on all by myself and not have to worry about things at home. And my third wish would be for just enough money to pay all the bills and be comfortable every month. I would love to go to the grocery store and not watch every penny that I spent.

10. What if you could change one thing about the world. What would that be?
     I would change the way people think about work and handouts. I am really tired of people thinking it is okay for the government to take care of them. Nothing I hate worse than to see a lady in line at the grocery store with her freshly tattooed arm, her long fake fingernails, her weave, a nice Coach purse that holds her Vision card that she whips out to pay for the groceries and then complains that they won't let her buy beer with it. (and yes, I stood behind this lady just two weeks ago. Really, really pissed me off)

11. What if you could take one thing back. What would that one thing be?
    Well, I don't quite know whether this means taking back something that I did or said. Or taking back something that someone did to me? Or taking something back to the store. LOL. The one thing that I wish that I could change would be that my dad had not been an alcoholic and would not have died when I was just 8 years old. I wonder how different my life would have been.

12. What if you were stuck on an island forever but had all the water, food, and shelter you needed. What would you do?
     Well, lay back in my hammock, pick up my book and a beer and listen to the chirps of the birds and the monkeys. What else would there be to do?

13. What if the Internet didn't exist.
    If the Internet didn't exist I am sure that, by now, I would be stark raving mad.

14. What if you never started blogging?
     I am sure that if I had never started blogging my life would not be much different than it is right now. I don't think my blog makes that much difference in the world. Just a place for me to hang out.

15.  What are your November 22 Thanksgiving plans?
      I am cooking and sharing dinner with 14 of my favorite family members. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love having the family at my house.

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Saturday Nine: Live and Let Die

1."Live and Let Die" was nominated for an Oscar as best song. Do you have a favorite movie song?

I am really not a big fan of movies......but I do love the theme to Star Wars! It is so powerful.

2.The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, is crazy successful.Have you seen it/do you want to see it.

Nope, I haven't seen it. And nope, I don't want to.

3. What is it that you think makes Bond movies so endearingly popular?

I have no idea. The intrigue. The actors. The theme......Beats me

4. Do you have a favorite among the actors who have played "Bond, James Bond"?

He is just so darn sexy, don't you think?

5.Bond orders martinis 'shaken, not stirred". What is your regular drink order?

Well, I hardly drink anything anymore. But I do like a good frozen margarita with salt on the rim.

6.Moving from the bar to breakfast--do you have a favorite cereal?

I am not one to eat breakfast very often but when we have been on cruises in the past, I always look forward to hot cream of wheat. Crazy, I know.

7.Let's daydream about warm weather. Would you rather swim in the lake, the ocean, or an outdoor pool?

There is not even a question here.....I will take the ocean any day of the week....and twice on Sunday!
A swimming pool is second. I don't swim in lakes...just plain, yuck!

8.Did you get 8 hours sleep last night?

I NEVER get 8 hours sleep anymore. I am the sole caretaker to an elderly husband. And he has to get up and pee several times at night....

9. What are you wearing on your feet right now?

Sock, of course.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11 Things a Girl should know before her first date

My last post was about the things a boy should know before his first date. I will teach them to Darian before that happens. And I will keep these tucked away here to help me with Harley when her times comes. But I hope that is years and years away.  I found this at 

(my comments follow in parenthesis)

1, ALWAYS, have an out plan. Use me if you need to. Have a certain phase that you text me and we will call and get you home.

(the word HELP will do)

2. You are NEVER helpless.Say NO and then fight HARD, if you have to.
(and remember what grandma taught you about the eyes and the testicles...if he doesn't listen go for them)

3. Be YOURSELF, and not who you think he wants you to be.
(this is true no matter who you are with or where you are)

4. Have a couple of topics to talk about in case the conversation stalls. First dates can be awkward for both of you . Topics can be about things going on at school, something you are interested in, or something you know he is interested in.
(I don't see this as a problem for you, sweetie, since you LOVE to talk)

5. If there is a little voice inside your head telling you something...LISTEN.

6.DON'T post your date on FACEBOOK before it happens. And, don't talk about it on Facebook after. Good or bad. Too much pressure. And TOO personal.
(this is good advice about a lot of things going on in your life. FACEBOOK is not the place to share).

7. If it doesn't feel RIGHT, it isn't. Go Home.
(call me if you need to. I'll be right there)

8.Stay in public places around other people.
(always a good idea...even if it is your 5th date. Just keeps you out of trouble.)

9.A boy should knock on your door and introduce himself to your grandparents. He should walk you to the door and the end of your date and say good night to them also. ( *I took the liberty to change parents to grandparents since that is who is in charge around here).

10. If he isn't a gentleman on your first date; he NEVER will be.
(don't go out on a second date. Save yourself the heartache. You can't change him)

11. Don't overdress or wear too much makeup. Just wear what you feel comfortable in. He asks you out because he likes you the way that you are.
(or that is what we are hoping)

And just to add a thing or two from your wise old granny; you don't owe him ANYTHING just because he took you out on a date. SEX is not for the first, second or fifth date. SEX is between a man and a woman who love and are committed to each other. And none of the lies he will tell you about sex are true. It won't really kill him if he can't relieve himself. Believe me. You are smarter than that. You don't have to do anything to get him to like you except smile, talk and have a nice time. Any other pressure is not coming from a very nice guy.

10 Things You need to tell your Boy before his first date.

These are 10 Things you should tell your son before his first date:

(my comments will follow in parenthesis)

1.Clean your car. Inside and Out. No girl wants to go on a date with Slurpee cups and jock straps.

(and if you don't have your own car or can't yet drive; then clean mine!)

2. Walk to the front door and shake her parents hands. Look them in the eye and thank them for allowing their daughter to go out with you. Both before and after the date.
(This is just good manners. Don't you dare sit in the drive-way and blow the horn).

3. If she isn't KIND to you on the first date; she never will be.
 (so don't ask her for a second one and it will save you a lot of heartache)

4.No means NO. ALWAYS. If she says NO. Stop! IMMEDIATELY!
(and she should listen to you if you say NO)

5. A kiss is something you EARN. And, ask first! It is a nice touch.
(helps to brush your teeth and make sure your breath smells good too)

6. Find out what SHE likes and plan your date around it. A movie, sports, mini golf? What kind of food does she like? Is she an animal lover? Go to the Zoo. Get the picture?
(you are trying to impress her.....the first date isn't about you)

7.Hold the door open. ALL of them. At Home. In public. Especially the car door.
(just good manners. You should do this for your grandma too)

8.Have the girl home 5 minutes BEFORE her curfew. It means everything to her parents to know that you respect their rules.
(and get home on time, yourself. Saves yourself a lot of hassle from grandma)

9.A date is for the TWO of you. Not you, her, and four of your closet teammates.
(or her girlfriends......and don't share your date with your cell phone either. RUDE)

10.Take a shower and use deodorant. And by shower, I don't mean dousing yourself in cologne.
(and comb your hair)

I found this site that is called with lots of topics about teens and tweens and this came directly from that site. I wanted to copy it here for future references as we go through this dating thing AGAIN at our house.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing-Who are You? Part 7-It is Over

Part 7 Self Image

84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you.
      My day begins at 6:15 a.m. when I wake my grandson for school. At 7 a.m. I wake his sister. She is the last one out of the house before 8 so I head back to the couch to sleep until the hubbs wakes me around 10:00 to get him ready for the day. I help him dress, make his breakfast and surf the web while he eats. Then it is laundry and housecleaning until 3:50 when the first kid gets home from school. After snacks and homework we start dinner. If there are not any after dinner activities that kids need driven to, we settle in to watch our favorite shows of the day. Then shower and bedtimes for the kiddos. The hubbs watches the news and David Letterman and I hang out on the computer. At around 11:30 I get him settled for the night. And tomorrow we do it all over again. What a perfectly boring life we lead.

85. What is your greatest strength as a person?
     I hate these kinds of questions. I hate having to evaluate myself. I would say that my greatest strength is compassion. To be a 'good' nurse you need to have a lot of compassion and that seems to be something I have been blessed with. (Most of the time)

86.  What is your great weakness?
     Oh gads, I knew this was coming. My greatest weakness, without a doubt, is my lack of patience. I have been called the most impatient person ever known by some of my loved ones. But, what do they know, right?

87. Are you going to run for President in 2016?
   Someone good sure needs to!! However in 2016, I will be 65 years old  so that is probably just too old to be running for president. However; if needed, I have plenty of advice to give to anyone who is running to be the next president.

88. Are you generally self-contained?
     Well I would say that I am independent and able to take care of myself. More so than I was a year ago when my hubbs had a stroke. If that is what being self-contained means, then yep I am.

89. Are you generally organized or messy?
   I am mostly organized. I don't like clutter. That doesn't mean that I don't have clutter. Mine is usually just hidden behind closed doors or in drawers.

90. Name three things that you consider yourself to be very good at and three things that you consider yourself to be very bad at...
Good at:
1. I am a very good nurse. I am the best at starting Iv's.
2.I am a good cook. Simple, down home cooking. None of that fancy stuff.
3. I am a good gardener. Both inside and outside. I have a ficus tree that has grown in my living room for more than 25 years. And I have African violets I have kept alive for more than 15 years. They belonged to my mother.
Bad at:
1. Patience...have none. Hate waiting in lines. Hate waiting in restaurants. Hate being on hold on phone.
2. I am terrible at following directions. I never read them. Until I can't figure it out on my own.
3. I am a terrible grocery shopper. Even with a list I forget things. And I don't read labels so I often get home with the wrong thing.....


91. Do you like your neighbors? Do they like you?
      I don't really know my neighbors. And I like it that way. We have lived in this house more than 25 years and I do know the names of those across the street and to the north and south, but that is about all. And you would have to ask them if they like me, cause I don't know.

92. Are you different in public than you are among friend?
     Probably. I am quieter around people I don't know.

93.  What goal do you want most to accomplish in your life time?
     Well, seeing as how I am already 61 years old, this is a dumb question. I want to help my hubbs and grand kids to have a good life.

94. Where do you see yourself in four years?
     I see myself doing exactly what I am doing right now. Taking care of my husband and still raising two grand kids. But drawing a social security check!

95. If you could chose, how do you want to leave this world?
     I want to leave this world quickly. I do not want to have an illness where I linger for a long time. I do not want to be a burden to anyone. If I am sick, and there is no hope of recovery, I want to die. Right now! Remember I am not a very patient person.

96. If you only had one week to live, what three things would be bumped up on the bucket list.
    Well, I have pretty much done most of what I have wanted to do in this life. I would like to take another cruise. I would like to spend a week lying in the sand on a beach in a nice warm spot. And, I would like to visit New York City.

97.  What is one thing about you that really stands out?
     My height. I am 5'10 1/2" tall standing on my very 'flat' feet.

98. What three words best describe your personality?
     Ha Ha Ha.....well I am bitchy, impatient,and sassy.

99. What three words would others use to describe you?
    See number 98.

100. What advice do you have to give?
    Always put on clean non-torn underwear when you leave the house. It is true that you never know when you will be in an accident. As a nurse, I have seen my share of tattered, dirty underwear. So it is true what your mother always told you.

If you would like to play along go here.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Saturday Nine

Saturday Nine: Good Morning Heartache

1. Do you come up with your brightest ideas early in the morning or late at night?
     I am not a morning person so I would have to say late at night.

2.Are you more likely to feel romantic at night or in the morning?
      I am most likely to feel romantic.....NEVER! I am an old woman and I don't feel romantic any longer. Maybe in my dreams!

3.Do you shower in the morning, after work, or before bed?
      I shower when I shower. Depends! Sometimes mornings, sometimes nights. Sometimes both....

4.Billy Holiday was just 44 when she died. Is there an artist whose early demise surprised and saddened you.
    Ah that would have to be Elvis! I wasn't really surprised but I was very saddened
  Elvis was then, and always will be, my favorite artist. To me, as a young girl, he was the dreamiest man of all time. And every song he sang, he sang to ME. I was a young mother vacationing in California when we heard that Elvis had died. It was like losing the President of the United States. Everything stopped and we were glued to the TV and watched every moment of coverage. How very sad it was. But, today when I watch an Elvis movie on TV, I invariably say...."that man could sing, but he sure as heck could not ACT"
Early Elvis

5. Billy was known as "Lady Day". Do you have a cool nickname?
    I don't know if I would say that it is a cool nickname. When I was born my mother gave me the name of Paula Kaye. My just older brother could never say Paula Kaye. So, he called me Pokay and this became Pokey and that is what some of them (those that are brave enough, that is) still call me.

6. When was the last time you had the blues?
     Oh I have the blues everyday at some point or another.

7.Crazy Sam is eating Trader Joe's Snicker-doodles
 as she composes this. What is the last snack food you ate?
    I ate potato chips with sour cream last night just before I went to sleep. This is my favorite comfort food of all time. And these days I need a lot of comforting.

8. Do you worry about preserving endangered species? Or do you believe in survival of the fittest?
   I don't think I believe in ANYTHING like this. And I don't worry about endangered species either. I have way too much in my own house to worry about. Sorry!

9.Would you ever hire a lawyer who runs commercials on TV?  Do you know anyone who has?
   I doubt that I would hire a lawyer from TV. We have our own lawyer and I can't imagine him doing a TV commercial. However, I once sat on a jury that the defendant was represented by one of those TV lawyers who advertises in our area. And he was every bit as sleazy in person as he was on TV. And he LOST too.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted!

We voted! We did the absentee vote thing this year so we actually voted last week. Now we just have to wait and see. I DID not vote for Obama! I did NOT vote for Romney. But I DID vote against Obama. I sure hope we send him out of our White House. But I am not holding my breath. I think our country deserves another chance. He gave us four years, of NOTHING! We are not better off. Now let's try another man in charge. I think maybe it is time for a businessman to give it a go.....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Letter to My 16 year old self

On April 8, 1967 I turned 16 years old. I was so smart. In fact, I knew everything. Don't most 16 year old girls? On another blog I once saw where the blogger wrote a letter to her 16 year old self. I tucked that thought away and decided that I would do that one day. So here it is:

Dear  16 year old Paula,
     I am writing you this letter to let you know what you have to look forward to. And to see if there is anything that I can tell you that you don't already know. Because I know that you think you know it all.  But there is so much that you have to learn that you have not a clue about. You are going to learn about love, about pain, about loss. You will learn to suffer and to celebrate. You will learn what it is like to be loyal to someone and what it feels like when someone is not loyal to you. You will learn to trust and you will learn to be leery. Right now you trust everyone. That will change. You will learn what real responsibility means. And you will get to teach others how to be responsible.
     Oh the things that you will learn about boys.I know, you know EVERYTHING about boys and love right now. Yeah, right!  You think you are ready right now for a relationship. You have no idea what that means, to be in a true relationship, but you are ready. In fact, I am sure you are even ready to be married. And to have kids. Oh how hard can it be to have a baby. They are so cute and so cuddly and smell so sweet. I wish that I could go back in time and tell you that having babies is a huge responsibility  And that you should live your life first. That you should go to college. Live in a dorm. Get your own apartment. Visit New York City.  Even go to England if you can. Lie on a beach without a care in the world. Don't believe all the lies that boy is filling your head with. He really only wants to sleep with you, if you know what I mean. And he won't love you FOREVER like he promised. Get out there and live your life. There is plenty of time for boys and babies. You will never ever get to be a single girl again. NEVER.
     But when you do get to have those babies; it will be the hardest and the easiest thing you have ever done. You will love them from the moment they breathe their first breath. You will spend hours staring into their beautiful little faces while they cling so tightly to your finger. They will keep you up at night and give you joy and pleasure in the day time. You will pace the floor with them as babies and pace the floor wondering where they are as teens. You will wait for their calls when they are teenagers and wait for them to call when you are the old person. Just to hear their voices is what will keep you going. You will pray for them when they are taking their first steps, their first falls, their first heartbreaks and you will still be praying for them when they are breaking your heart. It is a love greater than any love you will ever have for any man in your life. It is a bond that cannot be broken.
     And I want to tell you that when your heart is broken and you don't think you can go on another day, there will be another wonderful man that will come into your life to love you and to love those sons left from the one who broke your heart. He will make everything okay. And you will love again. But I can't give it all away..that is for you to find out way in the future.
     I would teach you about beauty. It is not about short skirts and long shiny hair. It comes deep from within. It is not about how much eyeliner you have on or if your white go-go boots are spit shined. Beauty is the clear blue sky above you. Beauty is the ducks at Carey Park. Beauty is the color of the fall leaves. Beauty is freshly fallen snow. Don't be afraid to lie down in it and make those perfect snow angels. Don't be afraid to walk in the rain. Your hair will dry. But you might never get this chance again.
     I want to tell you to remember your mother. Spend more time with her now. Talk with her and find out what she thought about things when she was 16. Look at the beauty of her face. Listen to her voice. Sing with her....."When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, what will I be. Will I be pretty, will I be rich and here's what she said to me. Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be,will be. ......" You will always remember your mom singing that song and you will wish someday that you could hear it just one more time. To hold her hand and hear her laugh; just one more time.
     I don't want to re-write history for you, my dear 16 year old Paula. But I want to help you see that it will go by fast. Don't wish your life away. Don't hurry through things. Take your time and live life. Listen to the music and hum along. Don't fall for the first boy that comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Get to know him first. Find out how he treats his mom. The boy that loves his mother like no other is the one that you want. Right now you feel like you want it all RIGHT NOW. But you can wait. And waiting will all just make it better.
     I would tell you all of this because I would want you to have the very best life there is to have. But I can't change the future for you. Only you can do that.

                                                                      All my love to you,

                                                                      61 year old Paula

Here is 16 year old Paula

Fall Back

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All That and a Bag of Chips

My granddaughter recently heard the expression: "She thinks she is all that a bag of chips!" Well she hasn't quit laughing or using it anytime she can. It is an expression that originated in the 1990's. Probably was first heard in a movie somewhere. I have heard that it possibly originated in the ghetto. I can just see that hand (you know, the 'talk to the hand') gesture and some pretty little black girl saying....Yeah, and she THINKS she is All that and a bag of chips.

So we went on the search to see what we could find out. It seems that in the
beginning it was used like "wow, that girl is really, really hot" She is all that and then some. Hence,
All that and a bag of chips.
 We have decided that it really is best if we use it with just a smidge of sarcasm. Like,
She really thinks she is great and then some. All that AND a bag of chips.

Hilarious to think about the things we say and how kids interpret it, isn't it?

November's Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...

     Today is a beautiful fall day. The sun is shining and the sky is the prettiest blue. I don't see a single cloud from my window. It is 61F. It could stay like this all the way to April as far as I am concerned.

I am thinking...

     I have been thinking about Thanksgiving. I will once again host my side of the family for the dinner.

I am thankful...

     That I live in Kansas....not suffering with all the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. It is awful to see the destroyed houses either from the winds, the water, or the fires. When I complain about how bad my life is, I just need to remember these images that I have been seeing on TV.

In the kitchen...

     Yesterday our local Sonic sold corn dogs for .50 so we are having corn dogs and french fries tonight
for supper.

I am wearing.....

     I haven't even dressed for the day yet so I am wearing my jammies.

I am creating...

     Nothing going on at this house in a creative way yet this month. But I will be thinking about it.

I am going...

     I am going to have to go to the bank later today to pick up my new debit card. My checking account has been hacked into. Entire balance was drained  Even had an overdraft charge applied. This has been a nightmare to deal with. I cannot believe their are people out there that will do this to other people. Beware of Zappos!

I am wondering...

     I am wondering how long we will be blessed with this wonderful weather.

I am reading...

     I just finished a book on my Nook Color last night. I have not yet chosen a new one to read. I have lots and lots of books stored on my Nook. So, I will take a look later today.

I am hoping...

     I am hoping Bank of America gets my account fixed up today. I am tired of talking to people in call centers who have such sugary, sweet voices.

I am looking forward to...

     I am looking forward to seeing my young son this weekend. He has surgery last week on this toe and hasn't been over. So we have missed him. 

I am learning... 

     I am learning that people will do whatever they can to avoid having to spend their own money. Like shop on-line and use my debit card. Stinks! Hard lesson

Around the house...

     I need to get started cleaning and getting ready for the family to come. I like fall cleaning much better than spring cleaning.

I am pondering...

     I am pondering how many will be here for the dinner this year. The family has spread out and about all that is left is the core family. And my sister is still being a big BUTT so I am sure we will not see her.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...

     One of my favorite things is sliced, crisp apples (my new favorite is galas) dipped in caramel. Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

     Today I need to go to the bank and then maybe the grocery store. Tomorrow, Harley is going with a church group for an over nighter and Darian is going to a Barn dance. Justin will be here with Paige for the weekend. A meeting with the youth pastor on Sunday morning.....and then back to the grind.

A peek into my day...

My handsome grandson dressed as a Cowboy when he headed out to help at the 
Church's Fall Festival last night.
Isn't he handsome?

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