Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What would it take to make you stop smoking.

Have you seen this commercial with this woman?
Mary is her name.
She shows us what it takes for her to get ready for her day.
She has no teeth.
She has a tracheotomy.
She is almost bald.
Her voice is very raspy and hard to understand.
She got this way from smoking.
From the treatments for her cancer.
If they would have had a commercial like this when I was a young girl....
Maybe I would have never started to smoke.
I think this is some of the best advertising I have ever seen.
I don't smoke anymore.
I haven't smoked for more than 10 years.
I was really, really addicted.
Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.
I want to show this to my grand kids and hope they never start.

(Update on this post: I just found out that the woman's name is TERRI) 
Due to her voice I thought she was saying Mary


  1. This is great for people to see. I been having a few here and there after quitting for 3 years. I don't know why I would be so stupid but i have been and things like this help knock some sense into me.

    1. Stopping smoking was the hardest thing I ever did. Good luck to you

  2. gave up 12 years ago when I decided to take up cycling

    1. Good for you. It has now been almost 12 years for me too!

  3. Sigh, I wish that I had never started smoking again. I quit for my pregnancies, but the person that I am with had always smoked. Therefore, I will always go back. I really want to stay off of it for my children.

    1. I did that same thing Thuy Vu. I quit every time I was pregnant. My kids begged me to quit all the while they were growing up. I didn't quit until I started having grand kids that would come often to visit Good luck with trying

  4. Congrats on being smoke free!


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