Sunday, April 15, 2012

More than 100 Tornadoes in Kansas

Was not a good day for Kansas!
More than 100 tornadoes in about a 12 hour period of time.
Thank The Good Lord none came our way.
Some were close.
Like this big boy here....missed us by about 35 miles!
Too close.
We were up until around 2:00 a.m. watching the weather.
Everyone today is tired and grumpy.
But we are safe.
My youngest son lives in Wichita, Kansas where he is a
Deputy Sheriff.
He was on duty.
His town was hit!
He is safe.


  1. This weather has been just crazy! I'm so glad to hear you and your family are OK. I'm thinking about getting one of those new weather alert radios. I don't know if you have heard of them but they alarn you when severe weather is in the area. My brother has one and it alarmed one night while they were sleeping so they had enough time to find a safe place.

  2. Thanks I am tired and ready for a nap. I am glad to read your son is Safe and you must be proud of him.


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