Friday, March 23, 2012

Piper Turns 10!

Piper Elizabeth turned 10!
I cannot believe she is already into the double digits.
Her parents have always said when she turned 10 she could get her
ears pierced.
So when granny took her on a dinner date
this is what we did.

 She was nervous, as you can see, but she did so well. She held granny's hand and squeezed my fingers, but she did not squeeze out one tear. I think I saw them just under the surface, though.
After all this ear piercing was completed and we sent mom on her way home Piper and Grandma went to Lone Star Steakhouse.
We had steaks from 'the big people's menu' and what she couldn't eat she took home in a box for mom!
And here she is at home.

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