Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 4

I am catching up!
Yesterday's photo prompt was bedside.
There is what is next to my bed. My little table that holds my necessaries.
Boy that carpet looks terrible.
Want to rip it out and put in nice hardwood floors.
Maybe someday.
On my table is a stack of books.
But I hardly ever read a book anymore.
You see that pretty lime green thing there?
That is my Nook Color.
The best Christmas present I have ever gotten.
Justin got it for me Christmas 2010.
And it is never far away from me.
I can read, play games, surf the of my life.
Also always a bottle of water.
Some Ambesol for when a toothache might strike at night.
Bottle of Melatonin for sleep.
Radio (hardly ever use)
And that my friend is my bedside table.

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