Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Photo Challenge Day 3

Today is day 3 of the March Photo Challenge
hosted by Fat Mum Slim . If you want to play along hurry and catch up.
Todays' prompt was 'your neighborhood'.
When I think about our neighborhood, I always think about this house.
When we moved here almost 25 years ago this was the property you could see when you looked out my front window.
But it sure didn't always look like this.
You see, it used to be a really run down flat-top house.
As the years went by there were a variety of renters who lived there.
Some good people and some not so good people.
Then the house fell to ruins.
The roof partially collapsed.
The rain came it.
The rooms molded.
You could smell the mold from the street.
Rabbits, possums, skunks, birds......
they all took up residence.
This is a lovely neighborhood with nice houses.
This was our 'sore thumb'.
Many of us called the city and complained.
Didn't seem that anyone listened.
Then a few years ago, the property was purchased.
The first thing the new owners did was put on this fabulous new roof.
That probably cost more than the whole house was worth.
They are doing all the work themselves.
Still no one lives there, but they are there nearly everyday.
Someday this house will be the jewel of the neighborhood.
Makes me want to go out and buy some paint and start to spruce up.
Wish I had a before picture.

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