Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Photo Challenge-Day 15

Ha! Ha!
This makes me smile. Or laugh out loud.
Today's prompt was 'car'
I wanted to take a picture of my car.
But it was raining outside and I wasn't going to pull it out of the garage
just to photograph it in the rain.
Then I remembered taking this picture a few weeks back.
That is my youngest son's car!
But that boy is my grandson.
He had just arrived home from wrestling practice after school.
What a hoot.
He actually walked .5 mile home looking like that.
His practice clothes.
And he didn't take his sneakers that day.
So he just put his boots back on and walked home.
Boys.....they just aren't fashionable.
(I had the camera on that crazy fish-eye setting and didn't notice until
I uploaded)

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