Thursday, December 8, 2011

What do I miss the most?

Do we miss the life that we used to have before we had kids? Do we wish that we could return to this life? I often think about what life was like before Darian and Harley came to live with us.
  •  It was quiet.
  •  I could sleep in as long as I wanted to in the morning.
  •  I cooked when I felt like it and if I didn't feel like it then each of us just got whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to eat.
  • I didn't close the bathroom door when I peed.
  • I didn't put the alcohol away...just left it sitting on the counter.
  • My computer was not password protected.
  •  I only ran the dishwasher every couple of days; instead of twice a day.
  •  I washed the clothes once or twice a week; now I do at least 3 loads everyday.
  •  My car was clean. Not littered with school papers, empty water bottles; candy wrappers.
  • No one slammed any doors.
  • My bedroom was my bedroom.
  • My closet was my closet.
  • My capes, and shawls and jewelry was mine. Not borrowed by a preteen girl.
  • We watched what we wanted on TV. I didn't have to quickly turn the channel when the comedy we were watching suddenly started talking about gay life, or sex, or drinking. Or a commercial came on about erectile dysfunction. And who wants to explain that to a preteen girl and a 13 year old boy?
  •  We did what we wanted on weekends, during the week, late at night. Now I go to bed early cause I get up early to help kids catch the bus.
But they came to live with us and turned our lives upside down. We once again hear the laughter of kids in the house. We hear sibling rivalry. We feel their little (and not so little) arms around our necks. And their wet kisses on our cheeks. We feel proud when they do good. And we are upset when they are bad. We sit with them in church and thank God we have them. We attend their school and Scout functions and beam with pride. Thank you Lord for giving us a second chance at raising kids.

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  1. Love this post! Enjoy every moment of this time you have because it will soon be over before you know it. You are blessed ♥ Our grandson lived with us for seven years but now the house is quiet again. We have our little pooch and each other but I would give anything to have those days back again or the time we spend with our other grands. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ♥


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