Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am searching for my Norman Rockwell Christmas

I have spent my entire adult life searching for a Norman Rockwell Christmas.
And I have never found it.
I want everything to be perfect.
I want a huge, real pine tree. Decorated with perfect lights.
Garland perfectly wrapped around and around.
Perfect Christmas ornaments hung perfectly spaced.
Perfectly wrapped presents with perfect ribbon and bows.
The smells of Christmas waft through the house.
Cinnamon, wassail, pine and cookies.
Perfectly dressed children sitting patiently under the tree waiting
to take turns unwrapping those perfectly wrapped gifts.
Then they scream and oh and ah that it is the perfect present.
"Just what I wanted"
Then the family gathers around the piano and sings Christmas Carols
while the snow falls outside. And the stars twinkle.
And the carolers sing.
And everyone is happy.
And in the oven is baking the perfect turkey.
To be served with all the perfect side dishes.
And everyone is happy.
that has never, ever happened at my house.
In fact one year my son so aptly pointed out
"Mom, we don't even own a piano."
So I am not looking anymore.
Cause my artificial tree with a string of lights that don't work
is perfect.
And the presents that are unevenly wrapped and have no ribbons and bow
are perfect.
And the kids that will sit under our tree, while not perfect,
are happy.
And they will oh and ah and be happy with what they get.
And hopefully there won't be any snow.
And we are having ham and not turkey.
And I might try to make some wassail.
How hard can that be.
Because I know that this is the reason
We celebrate Christmas.
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  1. How beautiful! Aren't we all guilty of wanting a Norman Rockwell kind of Christmas? And sometimes we let that rob us of enjoying the PERFECT gift God has given us! Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes on what's important.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great post! I think we all yearn for the perfect Christmas. I wouldn't mind a little snow (just for the day) and a horse drawn carriage. The fact is the Christmas we have today will be the one we long for in years to come. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and many, many blessings in the coming year ♥

  3. Paula,
    I love what you have written! I am linking this post to a post I will be releasing in the next day or so. Blessings in the name of Jesus!


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