Sunday, November 6, 2011

Earthquakes in Kansas?

     Craziest thing ever happened last night at our house. I was sitting here at the computer desk and my husband was in his recliner watching TV Both of the grand kids had already gone to bed. Suddenly, the lamp on my desk started to shake and move towards the edge. What the heck? I thought. Then I looked up at my husband and he had the funniest look on his face. He said that he thought his legs was shaking
(he has Parkinson's) but he looked down and his legs were still. About that time Darian, our 13 year old grandson literally burst into the living room and said "What the heck, someone is shaking my bed!" That is when I decided we were having an earthquake. At that very moment the newscasters from a near by town broke into the TV program and announced.....Oklahoma had had a 5.6 earthquake and we here in Kansas could feel it.....What???? Who ever heard of an Earthquake in Kansas?

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