Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And a tumble he took

I awoke early this morning to a crash. The bedroom was dark. I felt next to me and no Richard. I jumped out of bed and flipped on the light. I expected that he had fallen out of bed. But I found him laying between the dresser and the window. With blood running down his arm. And he was pale and sweating. I helped him up and to the bathroom. Cleaned up the long skin tear to his right forearm. And tucked him back into bed. He admits that he tried to get to the bathroom without waking me up. He thinks I needed to sleep.
God Bless his little heart.
But please wake me up the next time.
I used to have patients in both the hospital and the nursing home when I worked that would get up to help themselves because "I didn't want to bother you". I used to tell them that helping them after the fall, doing all the paper work and monitoring was far MORE trouble than the simple assist to the bathroom in the first place.
Today I noticed a little more droop to the left eye. And he is struggling some with doing simple math.
Did he have another little stroke. Or maybe a TIA. Who knows! We see the doctor again next week.
I will continue to monitor.

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