Monday, October 31, 2011


     Rehabilitation.....what exactly does that mean. Richard is learning to walk with a walker. He can walk well but having the walker really gives him the stability that he has needed for a long time. They are trying to encourage him to take long strides (instead of the small shuffle steps he takes due to the Parkinson's disease) He needs constant reminding. They are working with him on dressing, toileting, and bathing. It is apparent he will need help with all of this. The biggest thing is they have told him he will NEVER be able to drive again. This is hard on most men and will be hard for Richard too; if he ever can remember that we have told him that. He is a independent man and will not want this taken away from him.  
     Therapy is intense. They work for 3 hours every morning. Then he has a rest period and then lunch. And then they are back for 3 hours in the afternoon. He is worn out. But, not sleeping good at night.I remind them that he uses sleeping pills at home. They will check with the doctor.
     The memory remains the biggest obstacle. You can tell him what is going on and in 30 minutes he still does not remember.
     Discharge planning is in place. We will leave for home on Wednesday morning, September 28. How is this going to change our lives. Time will tell. Everything is in place. And we will return to the hospital on October 4 for an overnight stay to have his right carotid cleaned out.

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