Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona

While what happened in Arizona is very sad, what I find even worse is the way the media cannot let go of it. I think it is time that American media accept their part of the blame they play in all of these terrible things that happen in our country. These wackos that do these terrible crimes are wanting exactly what the media gives to them. They know that they will be caught and tried. They also know that America will never forget their names. And somewhere in their messed up brains that is what they want. NOTORIETY.   While I cannot remember a single victims name in the Columbine shooting, I know both of the shooters names well. And something is wrong with that. I say we turn off the 24 hour a day news channels. Enough is enough.


  1. While I don't see the news being the blame totally they do have a hand in it. The blame to me it the people who elected the wackos who voted the idiots into office that help change laws like the death penalty. Even if the bastards are found guilty they will live the lives of royalty and eventually be out to kill again because of weak laws and the lack of backbone. Next it is groups like the ACLU who always support these friggin criminals and waste endless hours in court trying to get these worthless bastards coffin free air.

  2. I agree about the media. Let the families heal!
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