Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guess What I Did Today?

My favorite sister usually visits on one of my days off.
(Okay, so she is my only sister)
I was positive that she would come today.
So sure , in fact, that I got out my sewing machine and set it up.
No. not the one above.
I have an almost brand new one.
One that rarely gets used.
Because, you see, I am not the one who knows how to sew.
That would be my favorite sister.
(Okay, I know....she is my only sister).
I can't sew worth a darn.
And I usually end up messing up the machine.
And she usually ends up fixing it.
And then taking home what needs to be sewn and doing it herself.
So I had a plan.
Darian, my grandson, needs patches sewn onto his Boy Scout shirt.
And he needs them by tomorrow.
So, the way I figured it if I set up the machine and my sister
showed up.......then she would just whip them on to save herself
from having to fix my machine.
She didn't come today.
And he needs the shirt tomorrow.
So, with Papa and 2 kids watching, I set about to sew on the
council patch and his troop numbers.
Then I had to call my sister and tell he what I did.
Now she won't be taking home any more of my sewing.

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  1. Now you can whip out a pattern and make him an engineers cap, even I can run a sewing machine sis. Oh yes you were day dreaming during home economics


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