Friday, January 21, 2011

Former Inman Police Chief Found Guilty

Former Kan. police chief convicted of molestation

Associated Press - January 20, 2011 8:54 PM ET
Mcpherson, Kan. (AP) - A former central Kansas police chief has been convicted on 15 sex-related charges involving children of a former girlfriend.

A McPherson County jury deliberated 13 hours before returning the verdicts Thursday against 39-year-old Mike Akins Jr. Akins was the police chief in Inman, a town of about 1,200 people, when the crimes allegedly occurred in 2009.

The Hutchinson News reports Akins was found guilty of molesting, inappropriately touching or soliciting three girls, now 10, 11 and 15 years old. He was acquitted on four charges, including molestation of another child in the family, a boy now 14 years old.

Akins denied the charges during the trial. He said he often wore only boxer shorts around the children simply for comfort, and had the girls help shave his back because he couldn't reach it.

Information from: The Hutchinson News,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I am Reading

Action-packed suspense of a reluctant larger-than-life hero who finds himself in the vortex of rapidly changing world events. Dominion Trilogy book 1.

"All in all, with Relentless, Robin Parrish has given readers an excellent, different approach to a murder mystery book. Mr. Parrish has my endorsement for this, his initial, very imaginative foray into a difficult genre."

I am reading this on my wonderful new Nook Color that my son gave me for Christmas.......Thank you Justin..


Okay enough of this winter more snow and no more ice! I am done. I have had enough!
Last night it took me over a half hour to drive home from work. It usually takes me 12-15 minutes.
And I couldn't go faster than 30 mph.....well maybe I could have but I might have been in the ditch.
So I am declaring it to be the end of this crap.
No More Snow
No more Ice.
Time to start the big melt
Time for some warm weather.
Is anyone listening?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guess What I Did Today?

My favorite sister usually visits on one of my days off.
(Okay, so she is my only sister)
I was positive that she would come today.
So sure , in fact, that I got out my sewing machine and set it up.
No. not the one above.
I have an almost brand new one.
One that rarely gets used.
Because, you see, I am not the one who knows how to sew.
That would be my favorite sister.
(Okay, I know....she is my only sister).
I can't sew worth a darn.
And I usually end up messing up the machine.
And she usually ends up fixing it.
And then taking home what needs to be sewn and doing it herself.
So I had a plan.
Darian, my grandson, needs patches sewn onto his Boy Scout shirt.
And he needs them by tomorrow.
So, the way I figured it if I set up the machine and my sister
showed up.......then she would just whip them on to save herself
from having to fix my machine.
She didn't come today.
And he needs the shirt tomorrow.
So, with Papa and 2 kids watching, I set about to sew on the
council patch and his troop numbers.
Then I had to call my sister and tell he what I did.
Now she won't be taking home any more of my sewing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tragedy in Arizona

While what happened in Arizona is very sad, what I find even worse is the way the media cannot let go of it. I think it is time that American media accept their part of the blame they play in all of these terrible things that happen in our country. These wackos that do these terrible crimes are wanting exactly what the media gives to them. They know that they will be caught and tried. They also know that America will never forget their names. And somewhere in their messed up brains that is what they want. NOTORIETY.   While I cannot remember a single victims name in the Columbine shooting, I know both of the shooters names well. And something is wrong with that. I say we turn off the 24 hour a day news channels. Enough is enough.