Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unique Traditions

Todays Holidailie is about unique traditions. I don't know if we really have anything that is unique. We do not put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving that is for sure. In fact, mine is up but still waiting to be decorated. Maybe by Monday. And I sure as heck don't go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I think you have to be crazy to that.....and anyone who knows me, knows I'm not CRAZY! We do decorate the inside and the outside of our house. And we drink eggnog and listen to Christmas music while we decorate. I should say that is while I decorate. Cause no one else really likes to help. Maybe I can con Harley into doing it this year. When my boys were growing up it was tradition to wait until Christmas morning to open presents. We usually went to either of the grandparents for Christmas Eve and we always stayed home on Christmas. But now it is impossible to find a day that fits for everyone so we break up Christmas into a week of festivities. Ha! Ha! It really has more to do with no one likes anyone else so we have to keep them all apart. No really, with me in nursing and youngest son a cop, neither of us ever get holidays off so we do what works. I have always said....Christmas can be any day that you make it. The Saturday night before Christmas is our night to fill the thermos with hot chocolate, (something spiked for the Mrs.) load up the kids in the Suburban and go see Christmas lights. The kids love it and we always try to locate Santa somewhere.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidailies Day Number one for me.....

Holidailies is a website that you can find here. It offers
prompts so that people can update their blogs daily starting on December 6 and
lasts until January 5th, 2011.
So I am going to try to follow along....
I am going to catch up today
December 6....My name is Paula and this is my blog :Paula's Place.
December 7.....Guilty pleasures
Oh my do I have some guilty pleasures.
1. Sour cream and potato chips
2. egg nog (and I might add something to it)
3. White chocolate with peppermints pieces.
December 8th
Childhood holiday traditions that you are happy not to follow as an adult
I am happy not to have to go to Grandma's house anymore.
I didn't like that mean old lady.
But alas she is no longer with us so I should not speak badly of the
December 9
The strangest thing in the room
Hmmmmm does that mean this room.
The strangest thing in this room is him.
You know....him.
That boy that is sleeping behind me.
He is strange.
But he is ours.
And I love him.
So there.
December 10
Religion in the holiday season
Well, now.....
I believe in God.
I believe in Jesus.
I do believe he was born on Christmas Day
So I think that religion in the holiday season is okay!