Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I am learning about ADHD

I am not a walking encyclopedia about ADHD, but I am learning....
Two of my beautiful grandchildren have this diagnosis and they are as different as day and night.
Paige is a 5th grader. She and Harley are only 3 months apart in age. They are almost like twins.
Paige was diagnosed with ADHD when she first started school. I was so opposed to her being on medication. And then she would come to stay with me........Paige on medication/Paige off medication.
I liked her best when she was on medication. She likes herself better on medication. And she can focus and do what she needs to do. And she is delightful.
Darian wasn't diagnosed until he came to live with us in December 2008. And he is not the hyperactive, bouncing off the walls, type of kid. He just can't focus. He can't keep his mind on math! He can't complete a game. Or read a book to the end. Darian is in the 7th grade now. He has been on Concerta since February 2010. And the difference it has made in his life is not to be believed. He is calm. And happy. And likes to do math. And loves to read. Of course, he loves video games too. And now he is really good at them. And he plays football and baseball. And has friends. And doesn't fight in school.
Darian sometimes has trouble sleeping at night because of the meds.
I found a web site (can't remember how I stumbled upon it) but he loves to meditate.
Try it out: Click on Mindful Meditations. I have downloaded them for his MP3 player.

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