Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoy the Ride

Boy isn't this the truth?
We have sure been on an old-time rail journey here at my house.
We took in two of our grand kids in December, 2009, and life hasn't been the same.
We have had some sidetracks for sure.
And there has been a lot of dust.
All over the place.
Cause Granny doesn't have the time to clean like she used to.
Nor the desire.
And I have learned that a dust free home really isn't all that important.
We have had our share of cinders.
But we overcome them.
Sometimes we use them to light the candles so we can find our way.
And there have been several jolts for sure.
One of the biggest jolts was the best thing to happen at our house.
It caused us to change school systems and brought about a big, beautiful
change in one young man's life.
We have also been able to enjoy the beautiful vistas.
Papa likes the company when Granny is away at work.
And it is true that Kids can say the Darndest things.
We have had some good laughs.
And some good crys.
But in the end I hope that we have changed their lives.
For they have sure changed ours.

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  1. Sounds like all turned out for the better. Those 2 need the firm ground and the second chance they got. We hope they will be thankful when you need them someday


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