Monday, January 4, 2010

My new award

I received this nice award from NurseExec at Driven to Distraction. If you haven't read her blog, head over there right now. She is so totally honest and favorite kind of person.
This award did come to me with some responsibility.
1. First, I must Thank the person who gave this award to me. So a great big thank you to NurseExec.
2.Copy the award and place it on my blog. There you see it. I will also add it to my awards in my sidebar.
3.Link to the bestowers site.
4.List seven interesting things about myself: And here they are
1. I am a RN who worked for 25 years in the hospital before I found the courage to leave and go to work in long-term care. I love what I do now!
2. I am a grandma to 8 of the most beautiful, brightest children on this earth.
3. Two of those very special kiddos make their home with me and it is a challenge and a delight.
4. I smoked for more than 30 years and I quit 10 years ago. And I still miss it everyday! I loved smoking. And I didn't achieve any of those wonderful benefits that were promised. I gained 50 pounds and still lug that around. But what keeps me from never smoking again.....I never knew how horrible I smelled! Just being around smokers now and smelling that stale cigarette smell will keep me from ever lighting up again.
5. I am a reality show freak. I love Survivor, Big Brother, and some of the more horrible ones on VH1 like Flavor Flave (I know, I know) and Rock of Love.
6. I have two sons....and they are on different sides of the law. What is a mother to do?
7. I love to write and share my thoughts but I haven't managed to get it all put together yet. Stay tuned! Maybe 2010 will be my year.
Now I think I am supposed to share this award with 7 of my favorite bloggers. But I just can't pick right yourself to the award and tell us some interesting things about yourself. And feel free to link back to me.

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  1. I love that we both work in long-term care, and were hospital nurses. You're my sistah! High five!!


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