Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On this first day of December

A Magical Christmas
by Sharlett F. Hunt 11/30/09
There's magic in this moment
Fresh smells are in the air
The sights and sounds surround me
It's Christmas everywhere!

It suddenly seems to happen
Like reindeer on the roof
With joy and hope abounding
And no scientific proof

The North wind blows around me
And ice is here and there
But sun is shining inside
This heart so filled with care

When people join together
And keep their spirits bright
With songs of love and giving
This magical Christmas Night


  1. I haven't been by in a while - been wondering how your brother is doing and your sister-in-law. Hope all is well w/them.

  2. The SIL (my wife) is doing just fine and back playing bingo today.
    Sounds like our bro is doing OK from the emails I received from him the last few days.
    Now how's lil sister doig :)

  3. Hey - Paula - thanks for 'following' on my blog! See ya later. Jenn

  4. Just stopping by - hope all is well w/you and your family.



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