Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh to be young again......

You know that it seems like I have spent my entire life 'wanting to get older'
When I was somewhere around the age of 10, I couldn't wait to be 12. I had an older sister who was 12 and she just seemed to be so grown up and sophisticated. But guess what? When I got to be 12 I didn't feel all that grown up or sophisticated.
Next, I wanted to be 16. Why? Because at age 16 mom said that I could wear makeup. And at 16 you can drive. And, because at 16, I could go on my first date. But guess what? I had already been wearing makeup.....sneaking it on when mom wasn't looking. And due to a car wreck at age 15 I wasn't at all interested in driving. (Remember that wreck dear bro?) And because I went on my first date just before I turned 16. It's not that my mom wasn't very good at making me wait. It was that I WAS very good at wearing her down.
Then it was all about turning 18. You know why? Because when you are 18 you are an adult and you can do what you please. Right? And back then (long ago in the olden days) you could buy beer. Not liquor, but beer. So I turned 18 and made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Because I didn't have to have mom's permission and I could do what I wanted. I got Married!!!
And never left home cause he was in the Navy and they wouldn't let wives go on aircraft carriers. Imagine that.
So by this time it was all about turning 21......why? Because at 21 you could vote! That's right, you used to be able to buy beer at age 18 but not vote until 21. Now you can vote at 18 but not buy beer until you are 21. If my memory doesn't fail me (and it often does) I think the first time I voted in a Presidential election was 1976 when Ford ran against Reagan. And I, sadly, voted for Ford. But what did I know. I was just a kid. Well, by this time I was 25.
And that was the last time that I wished to be older. Who wants to be 25? That is half-way to 50.
Last night, at work, someone was talking about 50 being 'old'. Wow, I thought. I am old. Cause I am 58. The person I was talking to is 25. I thought to myself. "I remember being 25" and I, too, thought I knew everything. So then the conversation turned to "would you want to be young again?" Nope, I would not. If I could wish myself back to any age, I think 40 is as far back as I would go. What the heck is wrong with middle age. I know what I want now. I can do what I want. There is no one telling me what to do. And my kids were almost raised and out of the house. I was settled into my career and I knew where I was going.
But I am okay with where I am at today, too!

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  1. Know those feeling for sure Sis, and not ready to look back beyond say 18 for me. At 18 I joined the Navy and grew up quick.


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