Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ah my swimming pool

Here we are again with the August Happiness Challenge.
You can blog hop over to One Gal's Musings to check out
The Gal who started this month of Happiness

Something that always makes me happy, especially in the summertime, is my swimming pool.
It is an Intex above ground pool. We inflate the top and then start filling with water and
it starts to rise. It is 18 feet round and 48 inches deep. Plenty of room for all the grand kids when
they are here with us. And a wonderful place for me to just relax and float around when
they aren't here. One of my favorite things to do is put on my swimsuit with a pair of shorts over the top and go do my gardening and yard work. Then when I am so hot I can't take another
second of it, off comes the shorts and into the pool for a cool dip. I sure get a lot more done outside doing it that way.
I would highly recommend an Intex pool to anyone who wants a pool in their backyard without
the expense. It is awesome.

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  1. "It is awesome." What a great description of your pool! It sounds delightful, and I'm glad you sharing what makes you happy.


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