Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY June 21, 2009

Outside my window...Today the sun is shining, although there are still some dark clouds and the temperature is only 69F. Whatever became of those hot days of summer?

I am thinking...I am thinking that summer will return shortly and then I will wonder whatever happened to that 69F.

I am thankful for...I am thankful for the sun that is peeking out today. For I love the sun!

From the kitchen...From the kitchen comes the aroma of fresh baked zucchini bread as the zucchini crop has been great this year.

I am wearing...jean shorts and a red tee

I am creating...Today I am going to create a weed free flower bed out front. Will all the rain the weeds are taking over.

I am going...I am going to say prayers for brother Fred who is having surgery again in an hour.

I am reading...I am reading 'Abbreviating Ernie" a weird and interesting story.

I am hoping...the weather returns to the hot days of summer. I love summer!

I am hearing...I am hearing 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' in the background.

Around the house...I brought home boxes from work to pack up the things in the office to make room for a boy to live there.

One of my favorite things...One of my favorite things is sitting on my little garden cart and weeding the flower beds. My mind can wander and I can think what I want and just pull weeds. And when I am done the beds look wonderful!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Tomorrow I work, then I am off on Thursday and Friday and I will attend to picking one up from camp and getting the other one ready to go....

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I love the beauty of dahlias...Don't you?

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  1. The zucchini bread sounds great!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Enjoyed your daybook. ~Karen


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