Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Favorite Sounds
  • Silence......my favorite sound of all
  • Kids laughing....you know the from the gut laugh
  • whispering among the kids....what are they up to?
  • My car running quietly
  • Anything by Celine Dion
  • The humming of the fan as I drift off to sleep
  • my husband's snoring...no I am just kidding
  • Chirping of the birds outside early in the morning as I sip my coffee in the gazebo
  • the purring of a contented kitty cat
  • My grandkids breathing as they are finally asleep
Now what are your favorite sounds?
Go to Ten on Tuesday if you want to play along


  1. Hi Paula,
    I am so happy you stopped by to visit :)
    You reminded me of even more wonderful sounds with your list. I also love the sound of a fan as I drift off to sleep.
    I will be back. Glad to have *met* you!

  2. All good sounds to my ear, as well(of course...not that it would be YOUR husband's snoring I would be listening to , but I know what you mean--what if you didn't have that snoring sound next to you? And, um, I am not a fan of Dion at all...sorry)
    I can hear the sound of our bedroom fan as I type-- a perfect sound of summer. :-)


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