Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Stealing

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger known as Kyddryn from Shadow and Sweetwater. She claims she stole it from someone on Facebook. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Cheers to all us thieves!

1. Who was your FIRST date?
My first date was with a boy that lived across the street from my Aunt Lorene in Wichita, Kansas....I don't even remember his name. I agreed to go to the drive in with him if my sister could come to. The movie was "Psycho"....

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
Heck no I can't even remember his name either but he lived in Kingman Kansas and I was 14 and 'so in love' Lol!

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
Beer.....probably Coors..that is what we loved back then.

4. What was your FIRST job?
My first job was as a waitress in a new restaurant here in Hutchinson....LUMS...they served hot dogs cooked in beer....didn't last very long

5. What was your FIRST car?
My first car was after I was married the first time....a red Buick Riviera I loved that car!

6. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
My first time ever in a plane was just over the city of Hutchinson...small plane and I HATED it

7. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
My first best friend's name was David something or other and nope haven't talked to him since 6Th grade.

8. Whose wedding did you attend the FIRST time?
My mom's.....I was 10

9. Tell us about your FIRST roommate.
That would have been my first husband

10. If you had one wish, what would it be (other than more wishes)?
Hmmmm.....I wish for enough money to make me and my family comfortable.

11. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
I would learn landscape design

12. Did you marry the FIRST person you were in love with?

13. What were the first lessons you ever took and why?
I am not really sure what this question is asking.....the first lessons I can remember learning is that 'life is tough'

14. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
Kiss everyone and change clothes.


  1. Landscaping is so much fun...hard work, but designing it all would be fun!!

    Mine's posted now...I do hope you can find a couple of minutes to come visit with me. I enjoyed reading your answers to this most personal meme. It was fun! Happy Sunday.

  2. I can't imagine riding in a small plane...yikes! Have a happy Sunday :)

  3. "Psycho" on your first date... interesting... and weird... LOL! Great honest answers here Paula. Happy SS to you!


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