Monday, June 15, 2009

Silly Meme for Monday

I picked up this meme from my friend Nurseexec over at Driven to Distraction....It's fun..Go ahead and give it a try

Silly Meme for Monday

Ten things you love:
1. My husband...where would I be without him
2. My grand kids....they are the reason I get up everyday
3. Mashed potatoes with homemade chicken gravy....I just can't help myself.
4. Flowers....any kind...anywhere...especially at my house.
5. Mowing the grass...on my riding lawnmower with my Ipod turned on
6. Ice cold beer
7. My sons...they should not be this far down the list should they?
8. Potato chips and sour cream...due to the expanding hips I have to limit this
9. Sun
10. Summer

Nine things you hate:

1. Winter
2. Snow
3. Ice
4. Wind
5. Cold
6. People who cannot follow the rules
7. Welfare mothers.....those who just keep having kids and don't try to better themselves.
8. Viagra commercials on TV (or any of those other type drugs)
9.People who don't drive the speed limit..especially those who drive under the limit

Eight things in view:

1. my watch
2. computer
3. stapler
4. books
5. desk
6. calendar
7. pencil sharpener
8. piles of papers

Seven reasons not to go to work today:

1. It was my day off
2. Actually it was an extra day off
3. Harley had BB camp
4. I had to weed the flower beds
5. I fertilized the garden
6. I am sick of work
7. I needed a nap too but didn't get one.

Six little known facts about me.
1. I loved to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter
2. I am a huge fan of reality TV
3. I listen to music by Poison
4. I have never gotten a traffic citation in my entire life
5. I only wanted one child...but am glad I had both of them.
6. I keep money hidden in case I need to grab it and run. (not at my house, however, so don't try to come rob me)

Five things I do on a daily basis

1. Get up
2. Make coffee
3. laundry
4. take someone somewhere....Granny's Taxi at your service
5. Go to bed

Four reasons I should go to work today

!. There is not a reason that I should go to work today
2. I wonder if Nurseexec went to work today.
3. I wonder how many more days I will have to go to work
4. Will retirement be everything I hope it is.

Three books I love

1. Clan of the Cave Bear
2. Gone with the Wind
3. My Sister's Keeper

Two favorite sayings

1. Oh Good Lord
2. Are you shitting me?

One most important person in your life

1. I guess I have to say my husband is but I do have several really important people in my life.


  1. LOL, I did manage to drag my butt to work today. Thanks for playing along :)

  2. Mashed potatos do sound delicious.


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