Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School's out

Well here it is.....that long awaited day (well one of the kids has been waiting and the other is slightly sad and grandma is throwing her hands up in despair) was the last day of school.
95 long days until the start of the 2009/2010 school year.
We have many plans for the summer. This coming weekend we are going up to Kansas City with three of our grandchildren and spend the day at The Kansas City Zoo. After that long day our plan is to eat at the Corner Cafe. Love that place! And the best pies ever.
Then we will head to my cousins house in Lawrence for an evening with the Wii or maybe some dominoes before we head back home on Sunday.
I have to work on Memorial Day. Just one of those little perks that goes along with being an RN. I get to work most holidays.....
Then I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off so that will be the day that the pool goes up. I got a new solar blanket so that the water can start to heat up.
The kids have several camps they are going to this summer. Darian will lead off in early June and attend The Pinnacle Sports Performance camp for three days to get into shape for the rest of the summer.
Late June and July they are going to our local Nature Center for an Adventure Camp. Both are looking forward to some nature and fishing experiences. After that they will be off to their sports for Harley and Football for Darian.
In between we will work in some swimming, reading, and other little side trips.
Oh how I look forward to fall!

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