Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

My Walk down Memory Lane....Click on the picture above if you would like to join us!

Today I am remembering the day my sister got married. It was in November 1967.
She was still in high school and I was only 16.
She was going to marry her sweetheart and he was in the Army at Ft. Hood, Texas.
I remember that she wore a light blue suit with a little pill box hat.
I have no memory of what I wore and currently the pictures are packed away and I can't
get to them. Along with Denny, her husband-to-be and Delmar his Uncle it was just my sister and me.
We went to the courthouse in Pratt, Kansas for her to be married in front of the judge.
She didn't want a fancy wedding, much to my mother's dismay, and Denny's family
lived in Pratt. But no one came to the wedding. It was just the four of us.
We went inside the courthouse and found the proper judge's room.
The judge was a lady! He name was The Honorable Gladys Scott.
She called the four of us together and we stood in front of her.
She began the ceremony.
I started to giggle!
My sister started to giggle!
The guys looked at us with silly smiles on their faces.
The judge reprimanded us and told us how serious marriage was.
She sent us back outside and told us to think about the seriousness of marriage and
to return when we could be serious.
We went outside and got our acts together and returned to stand in front of the judge.
I was scared to look up.
The marriage took place.
And my sister stayed married to him for the next 40 years.
But I still smile at the memory!

This is a picture of the Pratt County Courthouse long before we arrived for the wedding.


  1. What a sweet memory! I would have been scared of the judge also! thanks for visiting my blog!! Yours is awesome!

  2. Hi Paula,
    You wanna hear something funny? Every week you link to the wrong post. :) :) :) You always link to your simple woman's daybook post. I always go and put the right one in, but then it dawned on me that on weeks where I can't (or forget) to do it, you may not get very many comments - SO I thought I'd let you know so that you could put in the correct one this week (for practice you know). Go ahead and give it a try and then I'll delete the other one, okay? :)

    I'll be back to leave my comment on your post in a minute (gotta read it first!)

    Your Wednesday Walk Chum,

  3. Boy do I understand getting the giggles. I have this bad habit of getting them at weddings. My husband and I are terrible.

    Well, I'd say 40 years is pretty amazing! That's awesome!

  4. I love this meme. Your memory reminds me of my sister's wedding in the fact that we were all crying when she got married and she was the one giggling. She had a church full. Said that if she hadn't started to giggle she would have cried too. My mom almost stopped it and our preacher did to.

    Wow 40 years is great. Have a great day!

  5. What a sweet story. If only weddings could be as simple today - and the union last as long! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Loved your post! It made me laugh just thinking about all of you leaving the courtroom to return later free of giggles! How wonderful that you work in a nursing home, Paula! I did that for one summer during college and I have fond memories of my time as a nurse's aide. It truly takes special people to care for our aged, honored citizens.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today. See you next week! ;-)

  7. Great memory! I can just picture ya'll laughing & being asked to leave!


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