Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

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When My grand-daughter, Paige, was three years old we took her on a short trip with us to Colorado. She was so excited about getting to go with Papa and Granny. We had lots of things for her to do in the car and we planned to drive from our town to Canon City, Colorado all in one trip. It is about an 8 hour drive but we figured with a three year old it would probably take longer. We stopped at the state line so that she could have her picture taken with the Colorado sign. I can remember her saying "Grandma, Colorado looks just like Kansas!"
We finally arrived at the motel and she was one happy little girl to finally be out of the car. Plus
there was a swimming pool and what three year old doesn't like to swim.

That first night when we went to the restaurant to eat she had to take along her newest friend,
Pinky Pie. A few years later when it was time to go through the mountain of stuffed animals that she owned she brought Pinky Pie to my house and I sleep with her every night. Paige loves the idea that her granny sleeps with a stuffed animal.

And here she is on the way home intently listening to her music on her radio. She has the most beautiful curly hair and chubby cheeks. I will always remember her as she was on this trip.I have always told my grandkids that I love them "all the way to the moon" and then they try to come up with something that could be farther than the moon to tell me.....After we returned home from the trip to Colorado when I would tell Paige..."I love you all the way to the moon" she would answer and "Grandma, I love you alllllllllllllllllllllll the way to Colorado!"


  1. Lucky little girl to have such wonderful grandparents :)

  2. That must have been so much fun to have your granddaughter along on a vacation.

    Paige does have beautiful curly hair. It looks like it's straightened though. (from the picture in your sidebar) What a cute little redhead!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful memory of spending time with a grandchild. I suspect she has equally wonderful memories of the trip, despite it seeming like a very long way!

  4. I loved this! Especially the part when your granddaughter said she loved you allll the way to Colorado! To her it must have seemed like it was VERY far away!!

    And another cute thing is that you sleep with Pinkie Pie! How sweet grandma.

    Kids are great aren't they?
    If you have a chance go to my blog today and read my little poem about Motherhood.

  5. Awe! That is too cute "all the way to Colorado". I bet she will cherish these photos and stories of that trip one day!


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