Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

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At this time of the year a favorite memory of mine always comes up.
I live here in Kansas where we are part of what is called Tornado Alley.
I have never even seen a funnel cloud, because as soon as the weather
starts to look bad, I am busy getting ready to go to our shelter.
You see, I am afraid of storms. And I probably got that from my mother.
She wouldn't admit that she was afraid of storms, but she was.

When I was a kid
we lived in a housing complex where the apartments were made of cinder blocks.
We didn't have a basement. There was a common shelter house you could go
to when there were storms out but we didn't go there very often.
Our storm shelter inside the apartment was either in the long, closed in
closet that we called a pantry. Or inside the shower stall in the bathroom. We
didn't have a bathtub just this big closed in shower stall.

One year, I think I was somewhere around 10 or had been working and on
her way home she heard there was a tornado on the ground in Nashville. That is
a very tiny little town near where we lived. It is the town where 4 of us were born.
So mom raced home to save her family. She came into the house screaming for all
of us to get into the closet or the shower and to do it fast.
When my mom yelled out orders, we did what she told us too, although I am really
sure we wondered if she had lost her mind or if this was just a drill.

After standing there in that closet, with barely any light coming in, after waiting and nothing
happened we finally crept out to look outside. Nothing! Nothing at all going
on out side. Cloudy but that was all.

We later found out that the tornado was on the ground in Nashville.
We never let mom live this one down.
I remember the last time I talked to her about this. She was in the nursing
home by now. When I retold the story, mom smiled and said
"That never happened"


  1. Nothing like that mama bear instinct kicking in! I enjoyed your story so much. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was funny!!! What year was that...may have been before my time but I do remember a tornado in M'boro, TN...about 30 miles south of Nashville, in the early 70' killed our rooster!

    We now live in N. Texas, not many tornados but always the chance!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Pamela in TX

  3. The time was in the early 60's and i remember it well "MOM" it did happen. You would also notice when she claimed it didn't she had a whisper of a smile on her face.
    The Elder Brother

  4. Oh gosh! That is too funny! I am glad that it did not effect y'all though!

  5. Poor momma! I just read that one out loud because it deserved a larger audience. Too funny! :) :)

  6. I can so relate to the tornado story.
    I take shelter and pray like crazy when there is a warning.
    I had a close call with a tornado. I was at work in a mall and a tornado went over and blew out the doors and the skylights and the glass door surrounding our jewelry store. I was shaking like a leaf and my ears were about to burst from the pressure. I thought I was going to die. I am a Christian and I know I would go to Heaven,...but I didn't want to be cut by the flying glass or just hurt or mamed.

    When we took shelter in the lower inner hallways we were kept informed by the security when it was safe to leave the shelter. When I went to my car to go home, all of the glass windows had been blown out of my car and a light post had landed on the car next to me. It was a scary night.

    I woke up several times that night in a panic because I was dreaming about the tornado.

    Needless to say,...I don't take any chances,...but go right to my basement whenever there is a warning or a siren.

    Not too long ago two of my granddaughters ages 9 and 10 were in the basement closet with me and we were all praying. The danger soon passed and we were thankful.

    So, I am glad that yours was just a false alarm and the tornado wasn't even in the same state!

    Your poor mom probably wanted to foret that time of that's why she says it didn't happen.

    Thanks for posting today.

  7. Ha!! LOL....that was funny! Love it!

  8. lol! That's too funny! Thanks for the laugh! :D



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