Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane with me
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When I was a child pop would come in glass bottles and when
you bought it you had to put down a 2 cent deposit on the bottle.

Then when the bottle was empty you returned it to the
store and collected your two cents.
Now, not everyone returned the bottles to the store.
People who didn't need the money threw them out their car
windows and many ended up in the ditches.
Or out behind buildings.
Or laying by the trash.
But kids, like me, who didn't have any money, or any way to
earn money, would find pop bottles and cash them in.

I can remember many Saturday or Sunday mornings when we
would take off pulling the wagon behind us in search of
those treasures. We'd walk in the ditches on the out skirts of
town. Sometimes the bottles we found were caked with dirt.
Sometimes they still had "fluid" in them. Often they were filled
with cigarette butts. But we didn't pay any of that any mind.
It was the two cents we were after.

When we had found what we needed for the day.....
whether it was the 25 cents to go swimming
or the 50 cents to go to the movie
or enough to fill our pockets with penny candy..

Then we headed to our favorite corner neighborhood store.
It was called Jordan's.
It sat on the corner of Stout Street.
I remember Mr. Jordan standing behind the counter with his
glasses sitting on the end of his nose and his white apron
covering his clothes as he watched to see what we
were going to do.

We'd unload the bottles and see what ones he would take and what
ones he would make us dump out and wash. When we were
finished and he was satisfied
he'd hand over the money. I think he was most happy
when we spent what we got at the store.
I learned many lessons in my young life about life at
that corner grocery store.


  1. This reminds me very much of a story my momma tells - she and her brother used to do the same thing.

    What a fun thing to remember from your childhood - sweet memories. :)

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed picturing you with your wagon and your load of bottles! (and your pocket (or brown bag) full of goodies.

    Have a great day Paula.

  2. Paula, I'm Lynnette's mom, and I could so relate to your story. My brother Dan and I pulled a wagon down our street and around the corner to get our deposit back from the liquor store. (They also sold pop and so they would take back the bottles)
    Then we would cross that street and go to the "Dime" store and stock up on our penny candies and our 5 cent suckers. If you got and Indian with a star on your sucker wrapper you would get a free sucker,...it was great!
    Thanks for sharing,...it made me smile.


  3. Enjoy reading your walk down memory lane. :) Brought back memories!!

  4. I wish times were simple like that again for my girls to grow up. I remember my mom talking about getting penny candy too. Our poor kids just don't have the freedom anymore that kids used to have.

  5. Loved this, Paula! It reminded me of something I will post next week for Wednesday Walk! Come visit me again, too, okay! I enjoyed your comments on my blogspot.

  6. You bought back fun memories for me! When I was growing up we only had soda on very special occassions. As a side note, in Australia we called it fizzy drink, not sure if they still do! Anyway, my Dad would buy crates of it because it was usually for a large family gathering. Always glass bottles and I reaped the benefit of the refunds

  7. I remeber collecting battles as a kid to and taking them to the corner store for some candy. Actually when out walkiing I still collect battles I come across, and I still like to get candy with it. Thanks for the memory, so great.


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