Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

Come walk with me down memory lane. If you want to create your own memories click on the above picture and join in......

A day that will remain forever etched into my memory was January 17, 2001. My youngest son was a new deputy sheriff for the Reno County Sheriff department. That morning in our city of slightly more than 40,000 people, a natural gas explosion occurred in our downtown area. It destroyed two businesses. And it caused panic in the entire city. The next day another explosion occurred in another part of town beneath a mobile home park. My son was sitting on patrol duty at the edge of this park. He was talking on the telephone to his young wife when the explosion occurred. She came to our house and we waited together for word from him. It was terrifying. Soon the phone rang and it was the nursing supervisor from the local hospital ER asking to speak to my son's wife. I handed her the phone and carefully watched and listened. I can only say that there was a guardian angel with him that day. He was okay. But the explosion was beneath a mobile home in which two people lost their lives. He, and a fellow officer, were first responders on the scene and attempts to rescue the two will be an image that will stay in his mind forever. Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes during this time. It came to be known that these explosions were caused by abandoned brine wells.
The city is now safe. The businesses have been rebuilt. But the memories of these few days will remain with us forever. In May of 2002 my son and the other officer with him were given an award for their bravery. This is a picture of us taken at that ceremony.....I will always be thankful thankful that God was watching over my son that day.....


  1. So thankful your son was not hurt. I cannot imagine how difficult that time must have been for your area.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your memories!

    Pamela in TX

  2. Remember that night well when the first businesses were burning and our step father lay in the hospital dying. Alway told people when John left he set fire to the city

  3. What a brave son you have - and praise God for the protection he provided during that explosion. That must have been so frightening as you waited to hear.

    The picture is great. You must be very proud (in a good way). :)

  4. That's terrifying.. praise God for watching over your son during those scary times.

  5. So very glad that you son was not hurt in the explosion! I am very thankful for brave police officers, firemen, military, paramedics, etc. for the service that they render. I am also very thankful for their families!
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Wow...what an answer to prayer that your son made it through that! And, what an honor to have such a brave son. Thank you for sharing these memories and the lovely picture with us!

  7. Praise God for His protection over your son.

  8. I am soo glad your son was okay. What a terrible time to have to sit and wait. My Dad was supposed to be at the pentagon on sept 11th and we were all so scared. His work said that he was not in the pentagon when the plane crashed. But we really needed to hear from him to be sure. Rachel

  9. God is in control and He has His purpose for all that He allows to touch our lives. I am thankful that your son was used to help people who were going through such a great tragedy,...and I am glad that he was not hurt.
    Thanks for the post and the picture.

  10. Wow...that would be terrifying! Praise God for his protection for your son. He must be a very brave man. :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    In His arms,


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