Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY February 15, 2009

Outside my window...
It is dark outside my window. It is Sunday night. I usually do this
on Monday morning but I am doing it tonight. I can see a street light shining
but that is all that I see.
It is cold. Only 29F.

I am thinking...
I am thinking...someone messed with my office chair...
There, that's better!

I am thankful for...
I am thankful for my dear husband who likes to go to the grocery store.
Problem with that is I sent him with a list for about 8 things and
he came home with about 8 bags and spent $l50.00
I would complain but then he would want me to go to the
grocery store and I hate it!

From the learning rooms...
This week we are learning about fairness. Yep life is not always fair.
That is a hard lesson for kids to learn but one that is so necessary
for them to get! That is what their church lesson was so we
will continue to talk about it at home.
I remember my mom telling me..".Life is not fair! " And another thing
she used to say was "nobody promised you a rose garden"
Years later when I was much older and I was the caregiver instead
of her there was an opportunity to say those very things to her.
I remember the smile it brought to her face and she said,
"Be careful of the things you say to your kids"

From the kitchen...
For supper tonight I made chicken fried steaks with mashed potatoes
and gravy and steamed peas. Fresh fruit for dessert.
Well Papa and Darian put their fruit on top of ice cream!

I am wearing...
Ah for once I cannot say that I am wearing my scrubs.
I have on grey sweats and a navy blue t-shirt and pink socks.

I am creating...
I am still not creating a darn thing.

I am going...
I am going to start thinking about what colors I want to paint the new dining
room. But I think first I have to find the handyman that is going to
put up a wall for me. I want to paint before I get the new floors.

I am reading...
Still reading Blind Alley

I am hoping...
I am hoping that soon it will be spring. I am ready to get outside!

I am hearing...
The news on the TV in the other room.

Around the house...
I had the weekend off and I didn't do much around the house. I
caught up on the laundry and did the dishes but there wasn't
any vacuuming or dusting done at this house.

One of my favorite things...
One of my favorite things used to be talking to my sister on the phone.
But she has gone crazy and fallen in love again and man
it is hard to talk with her. But I am happy for her.
She deserves to have love again!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
On Tuesday we will have Paige over for the evening along
with the two who live with us.
And Thursday is my day without any kids!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Nothing says spring like daffodils and a little chick!
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  1. chicken fried steak--now there's a good southern meal!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. My head nurse used to always say 'Life is a bowl of cherries but we get all the pits.' She would keep us laughing all day long. I loved working with her.
    p.s. She was referring to the doctors LOL

  3. Loved reading your post. Had to laugh when you said that someone had messed with your office chair - I'm experiencing the same thing!

  4. I am sitting...

    Going through all of these Weds. Walk blog posts

    I am thinking...

    Life is similar for so many of us
    We all go through day to day tasks

    I am hungry...

    Reading your post about the good dinner that you made makes my stomach growl

    I am going to the kitchen....

    I need something to eat!

    Thaks for your post! It was fun


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