Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday Nine

1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
I would go to 4:53 blog....she is so creative and I love to see what she is up to

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal?
I would be so embarrassed if I farted out loud in public!

3. What values did your parents instill in you?
My mother taught me that it didn't pay to tell lies.

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well?
I grew up in the 50's and 60's and remember the mini-skirt well!

5. What is your favorite breakfast?
My favorite breakfast is french toast, egg over easy and crisp bacon.

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received?
On my 40th birthday, my youngest son bought me a gold necklace with
the letters RN. He used his own money and picked it out himself.
It is my favorite present ever.

7. What gadget could you not live without?
I could not live without my computer.

8. Do you collect anything?
Yes, I collect dolls!

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit?
I regularly visit Multiply. I belong to a Grannies group there.


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