Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Nine

Saturday 9: Be My Valentine
If you want to play above

1. Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?
As in celebrating the day...nope. I plan to do some laundry, clean the house a bit,
and take a nap!

2. Do you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special?
I bought little stuffed dogs for the grandkids along with small
boxes of chocolates...and a bag of candy for my husband!

3. What, so far, was the happiest event of your life?
The birth of my sons has been the happiest event in my life!

4. What is the best job that you ever have had?
Hmmmm........Being a nurse is the best job I have ever had!

5. What would be your fantasy job?
I have always wanted to be the "Beer Girl" on a beach in
the Virgin Islands....too old now and not able to run in sand but hey
this is a fantasy isn't it?

6. What would you think would be the worst job?
I think the worst job would to be a prison guard!

7. What foreign countries have you visited?
I have visited Mexico, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Venezuela,
Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Jamaica, and The Virgin Islands, Canada.

8. What foreign country would be your fantasy trip?
I would love to go back to Bangkok, Thailand!

9. Since leaving your home growing up, how many places have you lived?
This is the 8th place that I have lived in since leaving home. Not too bad considering I
left home 41 years ago!


  1. I was married to a nurse. It is a job you gotta love to do! I bet you're good at it...

  2. hope you had a nice valentines with the family.

    thanks for the visit.

  3. Wow, the places you've been!!!! Sounds like you've had an amazing life so far!

  4. I'd take ANY job involving beach and beer.


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