Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Nine

1. What is the last "white" lie that you told?
Today I told someone I had company so that I could get off the phone!

2. Can you forgive a liar?
I have a really hard time with lies.....depends on what the lie is about and
why someone lied to me. "White lies" don't count.
I might eventually forgive!

3. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate?
Again this depends.....I exaggerate how much money I spent but
I underestimate how much money I have. But this is only
when talking to my husband! LOL

4. Do you hold a grudge?
Oh yeah!

5. What's the biggest lie you've ever told?
Oh my......

6. Are there times that you feel that it is okay to lie?
Yep I think little white lies are okay...and if you lie in a kind way to avoid
hurting someones "your hair looks great" when everyone
really knows it looks like sh**!

7. Did you ever end a relationship because of lies?
Yep, my entire first marriage was a lie!

8. Do you think you can tell when someone is lying to you?
Yep, I am very good at telling when someone is lying to me!
I told my grandkids (one of those little white lies) that when
I graduated from nursing school they installed little
lie detectors into my eyes and I know when someone lies.
They are young enough that all I have to do is make them look
me in the eye and the truth comes spilling out...

9. Have you been caught lying?
I am sure that I have but I can't remember at the moment.
Or is that just a "little white lie"....I'll never tell


  1. Lying is very important to keep a marriage together. :)

  2. You lied to your grandkids about lying? I'm shocked!

  3. Sometimes that is what one has to do Mimi!!!

  4. I believe we told the same white lie today LOL

  5. Great answers. That lie detector in the eyes story was very inventive (shame you have a hard time with lies, you sound like you'd be great at it).


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