Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's DayBook

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FOR TODAY January 12, 2009
Outside my window...
It is dark with a big, bright full moon shining into the window.
I am thinking...
It will soon be time to rouse up the little ones for school.
I am thankful for...
my oh so understanding co-workers while I am going through
this personal crisis
From the kitchen...
Nothing! This has been my four day "to work" weekend and
not much has gone on in the kitchen
I am wearing...
pj bottoms, shoes, socks, t-shirt and hoodie (what a site)
I am creating...
Nothing! Too busy with kids
I am going...
Back to bed when I get home from taking them to school.
I am so tired!
I am reading...
Judge and Jury by James Patterson
I am hoping...
That I won't be so tired when I wake up to get ready for work.
I am hearing...
Cartoons on the TV
Around the house...
So much needs to be done....I am working on file drawers this
One of my favorite things...
Is watching my grandchildren sleep
A few plans for the rest of the week:
I work today, off Tuesday, work Wednesday, off Thursday work
Friday and then have the blessed weekend off.
Here is a Picture thought I am sharing:


  1. Hey Paula! Yeah I am a nurse, I work at a hospital and we've got low census going on (since Christmas, basically), so I've been getting A LOT of oncalls... not that I mind so much, as long as it's limited to twice a pay period. I love your pics! Your grandkids are adorable!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your daybook entry. Hope you are able to get some rest this weekend.

  3. Hey Paula! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Catholic Fire! My mom was a nurse and worked in both hospital and nursing home settings and her preference was nursing homes, too.

    I am a retired psychologist and working as a freelance writer.

    I love your the photos of your grandchildren -- they are darling! Children are especially sweet looking when they are sleeping.

    Love your music here!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your books sounds good. James Patterson is always a great read!
    Kudos to you for choosing nursing as a profession--you truly do an amazing service!

  5. I like the SWD format and look forward to returning to your blog for more entries.


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