Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the road to becoming more optimistic

Remember when I picked my word for the year? I chose optimistic because that is something I want to learn to be more. So I will begin to post some things that I have found that will help me along the road.........

"Let go of the assumption that the world is against you, or that you were born with a gray cloud over your head. It is an assumption that has no basis in reason or science. To believe that the universe or a spiritual entity has singled you out and shifted the world order just to make your life miserable is both self-centered and illogical. Be humble and stop pretending you've got the world all figured out. Sometimes bad experiences lead to good experiences, and you can't predict the future, so you can't assume it'll always be bad."

That will be tough to do, because I do feel like I was born with a gray cloud over my head. Now I
am going to work on seeing there is no basis in this. Today I am going to take a look at seeing what some of my bad experiences are trying to teach me.

Life has a way of reminding one that it can be worse


  1. This is definetly a hard thing to do. Some days will be more difficult than others. Some days you just flat out WONT be optimistic. But the first little while, it will start out in optimistic moments :) You won't regret it!

  2. Very good quote. Optimism is difficult at times, but oh how it changes you!

    Good luck with your efforts! I will stop by and see how you're doing!

    And thanks for stopping by even though blogger chose not to publish this weeks fill-ins (I had a word or two with blogger and all is well now)...nice! :)


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