Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good-Bye Gil Grissom

Are there any Gil Grissom fans here?
He has now left CSI.......I couldn't believe that he was really going
to leave and now he is gone. It was great seeing him walking
through the jungle in Jamaica and coming upon Sarah taking a
picture of that monkey. Maybe there is hope for Grissom yet.
I sure will miss seeing him on my favorite show CSI...Las Vegas


  1. Yep, this made me sad. But I don't have time to watch TV anymore anyway ;)

  2. Hey There!

    Ok, CSI any flavor are my favorite shows. I can watch a CSI marathon all day and night. My husband said that when I had my knee surgery that he was so tired of watching it. I told him that we had 4 other tv's in the house, find one and cut it on and watch it.

    I am hoping that one day Sarah and Gill will be characters again on one of the shows, they may start a new the jungle....wonder?

    I hope it's not as cold there as it is here....
    it was 2*F this morning...I am dreaming of SUMMERTIME!

    Take Care! I love your blog!!!!!



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