Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I have been tagged!...... I have been tagged by my friend Carol at Charlie and Me to do a post listing five addictions I have..... So the name of the game is ADDICTION......The rules of the tag are as follows:Name five things you are addicted to.Write a post.Next invite five other bloggers to participate in the tag.Then notify each of the bloggers you picked that they have been tagged.

1. I am addicted to CSI....I have been since it started...I am off on Thursday and this is the one show that I do not want to miss. No one is to call or come over at 8-9 p.m. on Thursday's. If I could do something else, career wise, I want to be a CSI!

2. The sun...I love the sun! I worship the sun! Summer is
my favorite time of the year....Yeah bring on the sun

3. Everyone who knows me know that I am addicted to my grandkids.
I used to snicker at those women who would talk on and on and on
about their gosh they need to get a life. And then mine
started coming and talk, talk, talk is what I do. Or I just happen to have
a few hundred pictures is you want to see how cute they are..And there
is always a cute story to to my sweeties...Katie, Kelsi, Darian, Paige,
Harley, Piper, Willow, and Tucker...granny loves you!

4. Yep like most of you I am addicted to coffee...have to have a cup as soon
as I get up in the morning. Sometime back I discovered french vanilla coffee
mate and can't get along without it. I am going to attempt to lose some
weight this next year so I might have to go back to black coffee and only
have this as a treat but right now it is in every cup of coffee I drink. I love it!

5. And last but not least is books....I have lots. I never read them more than
once. I try to pass them on to others. But I love to read. Every night before
I go to sleep I read. I cannot just sit and watch TV: I have to sit and watch
and read. I also love magazines. Even though I know I can read them on-line
it is not the same as sitting and flipping through a magazine...

Now for the five that I am going to tag...I sure hope none of you get tired of me doing this to you but if you want to
play along feel you don't that is okay with me too
1. Heather.....just because I love her

2. get her mind off her knee!
3 Nurseexec....cause I know she likes to do these
4. Sweetcops wife...just because!

5. Mindy cause I know she will play along.


  1. Addictions? I got plenty of them! I'll do this today thanks for tagging me!

  2. I'll play, but I'm never comfortable tagging, so you'll just get the play part, LOL!


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