Monday, December 15, 2008

My #6 Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today, December 15, 2008

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Outside my window...

It is a very cold, grey day. The wind gusts are 25 mph and fallen leaves will still

ocasionally dance through the yard. Our tempeture here today is only 6F and it

is already noon.

I am thinking...

How many things need done and I relaxed I feel about it right now. Not like the

past years when panic is starting to hit. I decided this year I will just let go of all

that. We did not even put up the tree this year..and the shopping is going to be

mostly gift I feel pretty good right now.

I am thankful for...

My youngest son...he is such a good man and I am happy that he has become the

man that he is.

From the kitchen...

there is nothing going on today. I ate a toasted cheese sandwhich from Schwan's

(have you ever tasted them?) I have to work today so I will plan a good dinner

for tomorrow

I am wearing...what else?
my scrubs.....I always work on Mondays

I am creating...

Nothing right now....

I am going...

to get a box of apples and oranges to take to the nursing home for my co-

workers and the elders to share

I am reading...

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Piccoult

I am hoping...

It gets warmer here in Kansas soon

I am hearing...

All My Children in the background

Around the house...

things are peaceful

One of my favorite things..

sending Santa Letters to my grandkids

.A few plans for the rest of the week:

More of the same...

I am off Tuesday, work Wednesday, off Thursday, work Friday and off

the weekend.

Here is my picture thought I am sharing:

(May you all find peace)

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